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Set up a Pharmaceutical Company in Portugal

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Set-up-a-Pharmaceutical-Company-in-Portugal.jpgJust like in many European countries, the pharmaceutical industry represents a large source of income, including in Portugal, with the mention that this sector is mostly controlled by foreign multinationals. Big corporations which produce medicines and related products are welcomed in Portugal through the pharmaceutical structure (but not limited to it) which is well developed in the state. Opening a pharmacy in Portugal may represent a great business idea, especially if we consider that a drug store can assist both a community and a hospital or a private clinic. For company formation in Portugal and the related conditions in this sense, you may address your requests to our specialists in company incorporation in Portugal.

Setting up a pharmacy in Portugal

The National Health Service in Portugal oversees the pharmaceutical market in Portugal and the companies which activate in this field, mainly through the National Authority of Medicines and Health Products. A pharmacy in Portugal can be established in the main cities or can activate in hospitals and private clinics. It is good to know that most pharmacies in Portugal activate through subsidiaries, but entrepreneurs who want to establish their own drug stores should first of all sign contracts with the main suppliers in the country or outside Portugal.
The Ministry of Health is in charge of approving the activities of a pharmacy in Portugal and issues the mandatory licenses and permits for a legal operation on the market. Most drug stores respect the usual working schedule from Monday to Friday, short hours on Saturday and closed on Sundays and holidays, but it is good to know that a pharmacist will be at the disposal of clients during the night shifts or for emergencies. We also mention that a pharmacy can only activate with a qualified pharmacist, and if it is located at the optimal distance imposed by the regulations in this matter.
Registering a company in Portugal is not a difficult process and even more, it can be completely supervised by our company formation consultants in Portugal.
If you have planned to open a company, you will need a team of accountants in Portugal. Our specialists are at your disposal with all the necessary support and information about bookkeeping, audits, payroll, annual financial statements, tisk assessment and evaluation, tax registration and debt monitoring. These are just some of the issues we deal with, but you can discover more if you contact us by phone or online.

What other services can a pharmacy in Portugal offer?

The concept of pharmacy in Portugal does not limit to selling medication, as the government and the pharmacists' association have established a wide range of programmes and services which have proven successful for patients and clients. For example, a person can receive information about how to quit smoking or can be offered specific counseling, medication conciliation, and management programs: all these in a pharmacy
If you are a business person who wants to expand the operations in the pharmaceutical sector in Portugal, we invite you to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in Portugal for comprehensive support and guidelines.

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