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Buy a Shelf Company in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 24th March 2020

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A shelf company is an enterprise which is already registered and functioning in Portugal. The acquisition of such a company is a very popular option that many foreign investors prefer thanks to the many advantages it presents. If you plan to set up a company in Portugal more efficiently, you might want to consider this option. Our team of company formation agents in Portugal can provide comprehensive information about the shelf companies you can purchase in Portugal.

Why choose to buy a shelf company in Portugal?


The main advantage in the acquisition of a shelf company is the fact that you can immediately start your business in Portugal, without the regular waiting for the approvals of Portuguese authorities. Another main advantage is the fact that a shelf company which already has a good business record can increase your credibility on the market that you intend to explore in Portugal. If you want your company formation in Portugal to be safe, you should verify whether the shelf company you intend to buy has a clean record and all the legal obligations attained.
An aged shelf company can also be a true advantage when you need to sign contracts with other companies that limit eligibility to companies with history. A mature shelf company will increase your credibility when you enter bidding contracts. When buying a shelf company, it usually comes with an already functional bank account. This will moreover help you to further beneficiate from better credit options for your business, thus optimizing your actions in the financial sector.

What does it assume to incorporate a shelf company in Portugal?


What you must decide in the first place is which company to buy, and for this, you must perform an attentive check of the existing options. This is not only a time consuming, but also a risky step on which your company formation in Portugal depends in great measure.
After making a selection of potential shelf companies which might correspond to your specific demands, you can get in contact with one of our specialists in company formation in order to help you establish the terms for the acquisition. Next, it is advisable to check the history of the shelf company, gather the documentation for the transfer of ownership, check the business code and amend it if it is necessary. Our experts can help you determine whether the shelf company is a secure investment. Here is an infographic that explains how you can buy a shelf company in Portugal:
how can i buy a shelf company in portugal1.png

Who can buy a shelf company in Portugal?

Foreign or local entrepreneurs can buy a ready-made company if they are interested in starting a business rapidly without having to consider the registration formalities with the local authorities. However, the business can activate as soon as the ownership is transferred, and the entrepreneur signs the documents in this sense. There is no need to wait for incorporation bureaucracies and you can start the business in a fast manner right after you have received the approval in this sense. Please do not hesitate to talk to our advisors and find out more about the advantages of a shelf company in Portugal.

How can I buy a shelf company in Portugal?

The acquisition of a shelf company in Portugal is quite simple, and in this matter, our company formation agents in Portugal can provide the needed support:
  • you do not need to travel to Portugal to buy a ready-made company, as our consultants can make the necessary arrangements in this sense;
  • copies of your identification documents which need to be notarized are sufficient for the acquisition of a shelf company;
  • the proforma invoice for the ready-made company provided by our team needs to be paid;
  • the next step is signing the company’s documents before the ownership transfer is made.
Our company formation representatives in Portugal can provide you information about the available ready-made companies on the market and about the ways in which you can settle the arrangements for the acquisition of such a company.

Are there any risks when purchasing a ready-made company?

No, there are no risks to consider when buying a shelf company in Portugal because such company has no activities, and therefore no debts. This kind of company is already registered, following the steps of incorporation just like any other company, with respect to the Company Act in Portugal. However, it is suggested but not mandatory to ask for company due diligence and complete verification of a ready-made company. A company due diligence report may reveal if there are any particular problems with a shelf company, like previous bad management or any kind of debts. Even though it is not the case, you can solicit company due diligence and make sure that your future company is in the right order. Ask our advisors for support and information in this matter.

Reasons for buying a ready-made company in Portugal

Portugal is extremely appealing to international investors, therefore, a fast entrance on the market is in most cases the intention of many entrepreneurs. A ready-made company can be the proper solution for those wanting to skip the registration procedures and get ready for business as soon as the documents have been signed and the ownership transferred. It is important to have a business plan before a shelf company is purchased, in order to start the operations rapidly. Not having to wait for specific incorporation formalities is often the important benefit considered by investors from overseas looking for business in this part of Europe.

Differences between traditional companies and shelf companies

The economic stability, the strategic geolocation and the ease of doing business are considered in a large amount by foreign entrepreneurs who would like to establish their operations and develop their portfolios in the Iberian Peninsula. In this direction, an entrepreneur can choose between purchasing a ready-made company and creating a new one from scratch. The main difference between these two is that the first one is already registered and ready to be transferred at any time. As for the traditional company registration in Portugal, this involves a series of stages like opening a bank account for the minimum share capital, register for tax purposes, applying for licenses and permits, creating the company seal, register for social contributions and many more. In the case of establishing branches or subsidiaries, it is good to know that the registration process might take time compared to the acquisition of a shelf company and that because there are specific requirements in matters of documents. This is why purchasing a ready-made company can suit best the needs of a foreign entrepreneur who is looking for a fast start on the Portuguese market. We remind that a shelf company is already registered with the entitled authorities, even for tax purposes, in order for the new owner to worry less about the incorporation of business and concentrate more on future investments in the firm. As soon as you decided on the direction of the business, you may proceed with the formalities of buying a shelf company in Portugal
Please do not hesitate to contact us for professional support in the shelf company acquisition procedure.

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