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Company Formation Services in Lisbon

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Company-Formation-Services-in-Lisbon.jpgLisbon is the capital of Portugal and an appealing business center for numerous foreign investors looking for a suitable business climate and competitiveness. The finance, the tourism, and the trading sectors make Lisbon a city recognized as an alpha-level global city according to the Globalization and World Cities Study Group, and furthermore, a representative and attractive destination among the ones suitable for high standard living. If you want to place your operations in Lisbon and benefit from a multitude of advantages as a foreign investor, we suggest you address to our company formation agents in Portugal.

Establishing a company in Lisbon

Foreigners should first of all explore and identify the proper business entity necessary for their future activities in Lisbon. According to the Company Act in Portugal, the following types of companies are available for registration and for doing business:
private limited company;
public company;
limited partnership;
general partnership;
company with a single shareholder.
Most operations in Portugal and particularly in Lisbon are made through a private limited company (sociedade por quotas – LDA) which can be registered if EUR 5,000 are provided as a minimum share capital in a Portuguese bank account. This type of business offers liability to owners only on their capital contribution in the company. Among the conditions imposed for an LDA in Portugal, we mention the following:
it can be set up by at least two shareholders;
there is no need for a board of managers;
a managing director can be appointed by the owners;
a legal representative with residency in Portugal can act on behalf of the company;
the name of the company must contain the letters LDA at the end of it.
We remind foreign investors that they can talk to one of our company incorporation specialists in Portugal if they are looking for a legal representative for their new company in Lisbon.

Economic facts for Lisbon

Lisbon is the largest city and the capital of Portugal, an appreciated destination for business due to a reliable economy and solid efforts made by the government which sustains the foreign investments in any industry. Lisbon has important exits to the Atlantic Ocean which ease the connections for trading purposes with several countries worldwide, as it is part of the Luso-Afro-Americo-Asiatic Capital Cities Union.
Its cultural inheritance and the rich history attracts numerous tourists each year, making Lisbon an important engine for the overall economy. The agriculture, the transportation, and the import & export activities are extremely developed in Lisbon, placing the city among preferred destinations for multinational companies willing to expand in this area of Europe.
Our accountants in Portugal are at your disposal with various services from which you can choose what suits most for your business. Thus, bookkeeping and payroll services, support for tax registration, preparation and submission of annual financial statements, audits, complete financial reports will be needed. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists to learn more about the services offered.

What company formation services we can offer in Lisbon

Even if the company formation in Portugal is an easy process, subject to fewer formalities, it is best to address all your inquiries to our team of advisors who can offer assistance in any company matters. In this sense, please observe the following company services we can provide for you in Lisbon:
support in preparing the company’s documents;
assistance with the local Trade Register;
company management;
tax advice;
obtaining special licenses and permits;
drafting contracts;
professional translation services;
Foreign investors who want to set up companies in Lisbon can contact our company formation representatives in Portugal for complete assistance.

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- cost-efficiency: competitive company formation prices;

- prompt response to your inquiry (maxim 24 hours);

- free and complete legal information featured on our site, at your disposal.

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