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Company Registry in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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What is the Portuguese Trade Register?

In Portugal, the Trade Register is known as the Commercial Registry or Conservatórias do Registo Comercial. All companies that are set up in Portugal must register with the Portuguese Commercial Registry and then publish the information about the new company on the official website or in the Portuguese Official Journal (Diário da República).

How can a company register with the Portuguese Trade Register?

Company registration in Portugal can be performed in two different ways. Before starting the procedure, it is important that the company’s name is verified in the database of the National Registry of Companies or Registo Nacional de Pessoas Colectivas. This institution will issue a validation certificate or admissibility, after the name of the company is registered. The same office should also provide a provisional company identity card.

Company registration in Portugal can be done at any registry office or at the Business Formalities Centre. Anyhow, the company registration in Portugal is relevant for the Portuguese Trade Register or Commercial Registry. The registration procedure can be operated by a shareholder or a legal representative appointed by power of attorney. The necessary documents for company registration in Portugal are the deed of incorporation and the validation certificate.

The second way for registering a company in Portugal is through a procedure called “empresa online”, where the registration is completed on the Internet. This type of company registration in Portugal is approved and regulated by the National Registry of Companies and can take one or two days, depending on the types of article of association.

How can I have access to the Portuguese Trade Register?

The Portuguese Trade Register is open to public access, especially after the information on companies is published in the official journal or on the website. Anyone who wants to find out details about certain organizations can request to search for details in the Trade Register or go online and find the desired data.

Please feel free to contact our company formation specialists in Portugal for more details regarding the registration procedure in this country.



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