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Accounting Services in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018


A good accounting is a vital organizational element for any successful business. It helps you hold the record of transactions, to manage your documents, and to develop your company. Through the data it provides, the accounting service gives you the basis for the analysis of your business trajectory and for decisions regarding its future. 

What is covered by accounting services in Portugal?

Since the very beginning, when forming a company in Portugal, you will need as well to keep the record of the profit and loss of the company and to fill several reports annually. This would be only one example, followed by many others, of what an accounting service can do for you.
The problem of tax planning and compliance is another issue in which you need to use the accounting services in Portugal, either for a newly formed or newly incorporated company. Most of the accounting activities are regular such as: billing, bank account management and contract management. This constitutes a strong reason for which to purchase good accounting services in Portugal, able to serve you in the administration of your business. The professionality of the service is vital and you must choose an accounting service which is transparent and correct. Otherwise the growth strategies of your recently opened business in Portugal could be delayed or even endangered.
An international legal entity, opening a company in Portugal for the first time, might encounter several differences in the mandatory legal requirements stipulated by law. An accounting service will help you in adapting or extending the business to the new legal context and will provide audit.

What to look for when choosing your accounting services in Portugal?

First check the testimonials of the accountant’s clients that you want to work with. Further on you can check at the relevant institutions whether your accountant is chartered or certified. 
It is also a central aspect to look for an accountant that is proactive, who keeps you informed on the changes in legislation which are important for your business.
A good accounting service will also use good accounting computer programs, for more efficient bookkeeping and tax planning.
Our experts in company formation in Portugal are willing to help you choose the most suitable accounting services for your business taking into consideration the number of your employees and the specific requirements of your company, so don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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