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Setting up a Casino in Portugal

Updated on Monday 20th August 2018

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Setting-up-a-Casino-in-Portugal.jpgWith complete attention to the legislation that oversees the gambling activities, foreign entrepreneurs can easily set up casinos in Portugal. Whether you would like to establish your company on the internet or as a permanent settlement, it is recommended to talk to one of our team of company incorporation specialists in Portugal and find out details about the registration procedure.

Who regulates the gambling activity in Portugal?

The Gambling Regulation and Inspection Service is the main regulator of the casino activities in Portugal, whether established on the internet or not. It is good to know that the gambling activities cannot be established without certain licenses and permits for which strict rules are applied. 

Can I buy a casino in Portugal?

Yes, foreign or domestic entrepreneurs who do not want to set up a casino from scratch and who want to avoid the formalities for obtaining the necessary licenses have the possibility of purchasing an already registered casino business in Portugal. This procedure is normally less restrictive and it is subject to the transfer of the ownership of the firm. Most gambling activities are formed under the regulations of a limited liability company which is the suitable business entity for numerous operations.

Types of gambling activities in a Portugal casino

Even if it is considered a sensitive activity due to the unceasing efforts of the authorities that fight against the financial frauds and illegal gaming, the gambling in Portugal is preferred by foreign investors interested in generating money in this important field. Among the gambling activities of a casino in Portugal, we mention the following:
  • French roulette, blackjack, stud poker, punto banco, poker cash;
  • varied online and offline poker tournaments through terrestrial casinos;
  • American roulette, blackjack and 21, slot machines, and varied online poker games;
  • betting activities whether online or offline and linked to sports games.
An online casino can introduce the virtual currency instead of liquid money, and the most used and prized digital money at the moment is the bitcoin. This virtual currency may be used for a wide range of gaming activities on the internet.
We invite you to get in touch with our team of company incorporation agents in Portugal if you would like to set up a casino in Portugal. Find out more details from our advisors.

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