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Start a Business in Portugal as a Foreigner

Updated on Wednesday 24th March 2021

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Start a business in Portugal as a foreigner.jpgStarting a business in Portugal as a foreigner is not complicated if the activities and the structure are established from the beginning. The limited liability company or LDA in Portugal is the most popular business form available and the choice of most foreign investors in this country. One can benefit from the comprehensive support and guidance offered by our team of company formation agents in Portugal for starting a business in Portugal as a foreigner

The main steps for company registration in Portugal

If the limited liability company or LDA is the business choice you’ve made, it is required to pay attention to the registration and incorporation steps. Our company formation agents in Portugal can manage the procedures if you decide on working with us. Here is what you need to do when registering a company in Portugal:
  1. The name of the business must be verified and then reserved. Once the approvals are granted, the documents of the firm can be prepared.
  2. The Articles of Association with information about the owners, activities, managers, directors, and general rules are the main documents of the firm.
  3. The minimum share capital of EUR 5,000 must be deposited in a local bank account. This is required for a Portuguese LDA.
  4. There is no obligation for having a board of directors, therefore starting a business in Portugal as a foreigner is simple.
  5. Another important step is the tax registration for a company in Portugal.
  6. Some businesses might require special licenses and permits, an aspect that can be handled by our agents.
More about starting a business in Portugal as a foreigner can be offered by our agents who have experience with foreign entrepreneurs and companies in this country.

Shelf companies in Portugal

If foreign entrepreneurs are not interested in starting a business from scratch, a ready-made company might be a good option. This means that businessmen can purchase shelf companies in Portugal and start the activities as soon as the ownership transfer is concluded. A vintage company does not have financial activities and can be used right away, as soon as all the purchase formalities are solved. Many foreign entrepreneurs choose shelf companies in Portugal instead of creating new ones. This option provides more confidence in terms of business because entrepreneurs can start the activities right away, without restrictions. Moreover, there is no need to travel to Portugal for purchasing a ready-made company, as our agents can represent your business and handle the procedures related.

Business sectors in Portugal

Portugal is a great business destination for foreigners who want to expand the portfolio and generate profits in the Iberian Peninsula. Opening a company in the tourism sector, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, gaming, publishing, or e-commerce is quite beneficial because the business conditions are appealing to international investors. The tax regime and the ease of doing business are essential business advantages in Portugal, plus, the support of a well-trained and experienced workforce. Here are a few facts and figures about the economy and business of Portugal:
  • In terms of total FDI stock, Portugal registered nearly USD 162 billion in 2019.
  • Portugal ranked 39th out of 190, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  • Investing at least EUR 350,000 in companies registered in Portugal grants citizenship within 6 years.
  • Around USD 3,4 billion was the total value of greenfield investments in Portugal.
Starting a business in Portugal as a foreigner comes with a series of business benefits that are normally verified by international investors. The company registration in Portugal is a process that can be entirely handled by our specialists.

Choosing our agents in Portugal – Business benefits

The company formation in Portugal requires attention for documents, business licenses, and other related approvals. Foreigners can hire the services of our company formation representatives in Portugal and discuss further details about the registration of a business. Our customers rely on complete professionalism when working with us because we want to offer excellent results right from the start. 
Interested in starting a business as a foreigner in Portugal? Would you like support for business licenses, tax registration, and other company-related matters? Feel free to contact our company formation agents in Portugal and solicit our support.

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