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Open a Franchise in Portugal

Updated on Thursday 26th January 2023

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Open-a-Franchise-in-Portugal.jpgStarting a business in Portugal is not limited only to the recognized forms of companies like limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, joint stock enterprises in the country’s key industries. A foreign investor can set up a franchise in Portugal, respecting the rules and regulations of the Civil Code and the Commercial Law. Under complete supervision and guidelines, your franchise in Portugal can be easily set up with our company formation agents in Portugal. Our team of advisors can also help business persons through the company registration process in Portugal.

Requirements for opening a franchise in Portugal

With a stable economy, a great geographic location with important exits to the Atlantic Ocean and business image strengthened during many years, Portugal is a respected member of the European Union and a significant business hub which is on top of the list of foreign investors. A franchise business in Portugal is considered a suitable option for entrepreneurs who want to generate money with the help of a well-known brand through a franchise. There are two parties involved in such business: the franchisee (the entrepreneur interested in opening the business) and the franchisor (the company or brand that offers franchising services). The business starts with setting the conditions of franchising and these regard the amount of investment involved, the profit expected, the included taxes and the time in which the investment is returned.
It is good to know that the franchisee will receive instructions, information, an initial stock and a proper location when settling the franchise agreement with the franchisor. This is part of the deal, as established for such types of entities in Portugal. Knowing how the documents should be prepared will help the entrepreneur start the activities immediately, therefore, we suggest you address your requests or concerns regarding the franchising system to our Portugal company formation representatives. Also, if you want to set up a company in Portugal and you don’t know which is the proper structure that matches your needs and expectations on the market, you can talk to our advisors.

The franchise contract in Portugal

An agreement between the franchisee and franchisor in Portugal represents a settlement in which information about how to establish and legally operate a franchise under the granted license. Additionally, a franchise agreement in Portugal will comprise information about the investments made, the marketing methods and the necessary resources to open the franchise. On request, an entrepreneur can create more than just one franchise but considering that the investments will be bigger. A franchising business is considered successful not only in Portugal but also on an international plan, therefore, many investors are attracted by this form of activity for guaranteed profits. 
If you decided on business in Portugal, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with our accountants in Portugal. They have experience in payroll, bookkeeping, annual financial statements, human resources management, risk assessment and evaluation, audits and many more. The prices are affordable and can be set according to the size of the company and the number of employees. Contact us today to take advantage of our personalized offers.
If you are also interested in setting up a franchise in Portugal, you can contact our team of company formation consultants in Portugal for advice and support.

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