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Obtain Citizenship in Portugal

Updated on Monday 20th August 2018

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Obtain-Citizenship-in-Portugal.jpgThe Portuguese citizenship can be obtained by individuals looking to settle for good in Portugal whether by marriage, investment or ancestry. The citizenship in Portugal can be offered to foreigners after they have lived in this country for at least 6 years. Knowing the rules connected to the permanent residence and citizenship in Portugal will help foreign entrepreneurs decide on living on the long term in this country. Our company formation representatives in Portugal are at your disposal with assistance for company incorporation, and our lawyers can help you with the legal requirements of the right of abode in this European state.

Who can obtain citizenship in Portugal?

According to the Portuguese Nationality Act 2006, EU and non-EU citizens can apply for citizenship after they have lived in Portugal for the past 6 years. The requirements for married foreigners with Portuguese citizens are less restrictive, as they can obtain the citizenship after 3 years of permanent residence in Portugal. The citizenship in this country can be obtained by naturalization, by marriage, by origins and as a child of a former Portuguese citizen. 

What can you do with a Portuguese citizenship?

Citizenship in Portugal comes with several rights as established by the law for foreigners living in this country:
  • you can easily purchase properties in Portugal (houses, warehouses, lands, etc.);
  • you have the right to access the social benefits as any Portuguese citizen;
  • foreigners can work in Portugal without needing a work permit in this sense;
  • you have the right of voting in Portugal and you can freely travel within EU countries with a Portuguese passport.

The requirements for obtaining citizenship in Portugal?

The main rule for applying for citizenship in Portugal is related to the permanent residence in this country which cannot be less than 6 years, and 3 for married individuals. Also, if you have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language and culture, and if you do not have a criminal record, you can apply for naturalization. Information about the residence in Portugal is necessary at the time of your application for Portuguese citizenship.
We invite you to contact our company incorporation specialists in Portugal if you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in company formation in Portugal. Also, please talk to our advisors about how to obtain the Portuguese citizenship.

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