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Imports and Exports in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Imports and Exports in Portugal.jpgPortugal has a complex economy and the exports are in accordance with the main developed industries, directing the country on the 46th place among countries worldwide. The trading activities in Portugal have a major impact on the economy and comply the international rules and regulations. If you are interested in opening a trading company in Portugal, we remind that our company formation specialists in Portugal can help.

Exports of Portugal

Spain, US, Germany, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, and France are top export destinations of Portugal. Petroleum products, chemicals, cars, leather, food, beverages, and medication are among products which are sent from Portugal to countries from Europe and also from other continents. According to numbers and statistics, about $ 2.25 billion has been registered for the exports of leather footwear and around $ 3 billion represents the refined petroleum exports.
Due to the numerous investment possibilities in the trading sector in Portugal, entrepreneurs choose to set up their import and export activities in the Portuguese market and benefit from numerous advantages. Businessmen interested in opening companies in the import and export sector in Portugal are invited to ask for information and guidance from our company formation agents in Portugal. Furthermore, an entrepreneur can set up a company in Portugal and receive varied advantages among which we mention the company registration in Portugal which is an easy process.

Imports of Portugal

Vehicle parts, textiles, industrial machinery, natural gas, agricultural products, chemical, and plastics are significant products imported from outside Portugal. Countries like Spain, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or China are the main importers for Portugal. We remind that special licenses and permits are necessary if you want to start a business in the trading field in Portugal. Please keep in mind that our advisors can help you open a trading company in Portugal and can explain the entire procedure step by step.

Why open an import and export company in Portugal?

Once you have obtained the special licenses and permits with the support of our team of consultants, you can start your activities in the trading sector in Portugal. The country is an old trading partner of numerous countries worldwide, due to its excellent geographic location with exits at the Atlantic Ocean. The infrastructure is well developed and numerous projects have been adopted in this important sector which will help the trading businesses grow. Furthermore, the economy in Portugal has shown numerous signs of recovery with the help of various reforms in the country’s key industries, including the import and export section.
We remind that if you want to know more details about the legislation related to the trading activities in Portugal and the possibilities of opening a company in this area, you are invited to contact our team of company formation agents in Portugal.

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