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How to Sell Shares of a Portuguese Company

Updated on Monday 08th April 2019

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Open-a-Franchise-in-Portugal.jpgInvestors in Portugal may decide at a certain point to a different method to increase the profits in a company, such as selling shares. This kind of method might be necessary for covering certain debts in the firm, but not limited to these. If you would like to know more about how you can open a company in Portugal and about how you can sell the shares of a Portuguese company, we invite you to talk to our company formation specialists in Portugal.

What are the reasons for selling shares of a company in Portugal?

Paying the debts of a company might solicit a significant step in this process, meaning that the owners can consider selling stocks of a Portuguese company. There are many investors who decide on the following reasons for selling shares in the company, such as:
  1. Sometimes, selling shares might be the proper option for charitable donations if it is the case.
  2. The personal assets can be diversified if an investor decides to sell a few shares of the company.
  3. The ownership transfer or succession might start with the sale of shares of a company in Portugal.
  4. If you do not want to develop your business, you can start selling stocks.


What is a partial sale of shares of a company?

A partial sale involves only a portion of the stocks, as decided by the owners of the company in Portugal. The proprietor of the company will have to consider how much they want to sell in order to not transform into a minority investor and not have control in the firm and make decisions. A partial sale of stocks of a company in Portugal can support raising the capital in the firm and even encourage employees in this direction. Moreover, the ownership transition might start with a partial sale of company stocks. Let our company formation agents in Portugal tell you more about how you can sell shares in your company in Portugal. Also, if you would like to open a company in Portugal, feel free to address your inquiries to our team.

What is a complete stocks sale in Portugal?

Selling all shares of a company in Portugal means that the investor decides on ending the participation and the control in such a firm. This is a straightforward process which might be structured in such a way for an entrepreneur to receive annuity payments. This means that you may receive monthly incomes through the annuitization method or choose the life option providing incomes for life. Businessmen might be interested in a specific payment period, choosing to be paid for 10, 15 or 20 years, with the mention that in the case of deceased, the family members receive the payment as established by a contract in this sense.

Deciding on the company share selling option

It is quite important to know what the options are for selling stocks of a company in Portugal, in order to make a business plan in accordance. Here are the main ways through which you can sell shares of a Portuguese company:
  • Going public – a public listing of shares is an expensive option, but a great choice for large companies who want to maximize the value.
  • Selling stocks to private investors – private share sales address to specific type of investors, and it is subject to low costs.
  • Selling stocks to employees – there are many business owners who decide on in-house share sales.
  • Shares for smaller investors – this is a less restrictive method in terms of company rules for selling stocks but complicated in matters of finances.
Selling shares of a Portuguese company is often the decision of foreign investors who want to change the business direction, raise capital in the company or simply looking to retire from a business. All the requirements and procedural formalities can be explained by our team of company formation representatives in Portugal. They can help foreign business persons start companies in Portugal by providing support for entitled authorities.

Asking for support for selling company stocks in Portugal

The lack of experience in business, particularly when deciding on selling company stocks should determine an entrepreneur on asking for support from a specialist. A consultant or a business broker might be the ideal choice for this kind of job, as their purpose is to create and present a solid and real business plan comprising methods through which a company can sell shares. Once the value of the business is determined, an entrepreneur can solicit support for trading stocks on the market. Your consultant can handle the document requirements, can look for a potential buyer and can close a deal in a fast manner and no harsh formalities.
We invite you to contact our team of company incorporation experts in Portugal and solicit information about how to sell shares of a Portuguese company.

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