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Portuguese Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Portuguese-Legislation-Related-to-Foreign-Investments.jpgThe foreign investments in Portugal have always been welcomed, and there are no limits regarding the foreign capital. Furthermore, an overseas investor does not need a local partner to start the activities and the repatriation of profits made in Portugal suffer no restrictions. The Agency for Foreign Investment and Commerce in Portugal supervises the foreign investments made in the Portuguese territory and offers the same conditions as for the local entrepreneurs. For a better understanding of how a company can be registered in Portugal and the documents required in this matter, it is recommended to solicit help and guidance from our company formation agents in Portugal.

Requirements for overseas investors in Portugal

Investors from abroad are invited to discover the numerous possibilities offered by important industries in Portugal, where sectors like energy, IT, communication, agriculture or automotive are among fields where foreign investments are expected. It is good to know that an entrepreneur from abroad can set up a company in Portugal of any kind, without any restrictions in this matter and the same conditions are also applied for local businessmen. The government in Portugal is aware of the importance of the foreign investments in the country, therefore, the legislation is permissive and there are numerous incentives offered in varied areas of interest.
One should know that The Agency for Foreign Investments and Commerce in Portugal is entitled to verify investors with small and medium companies and to guide them for venture capital support and technology transfer to the Institute of Support to Small and Medium Enterprises and Innovation in Portugal. Once you have decided to open a company in Portugal and to start your activities, we suggest you to talk to one of our company formation specialists in Portugal for comprehensive guidance and support.

Regulations regarding the FDI in Portugal 

Overseas businessmen who invest at least 10% in a company in Portugal are considered foreign direct investors and are entitled to make business decisions in that enterprise without any restrictions. We remind that local investors or those from abroad are treated equally regarding foreign direct investment matters and are invited to search the market and to discover the main industries with full potential in Portugal. One should know that special sectors like public telecommunications, water management, maritime and air transport, or defense need particular endorsements from the government regarding the foreign direct investments.

Requirements for financial businesses in Portugal

The National Bank of Portugal oversees the financial activity in the country and issues authorizations for investors wanting to open financial companies.  A particular fact to consider is related to the non-EU investors wanting to open financial firms or to establish a subsidiary in Portugal, where the local Ministry of Finance needs to analyze the impact of such businesses, their efficiency and if they are suitable for the country’s economy among many other aspects.
If you are interested in making investments or you want to register a company in Portugal, we invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in Portugal for complete information and guidance in this matter.


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