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Open Holding Company in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

open-holding-company-in-portugal.jpgPortugal is an attractive country in which businesspersons can open holding companies if they understand and respect particular conditions, from which we remind that it is necessary to obtain specific license in the Free Trade Zone of Madeira to obtains numerous advantages. A holding company in Portugal is an important business form which possesses shares in other entities which are free to operate according to their plans, with no other interventions. If you want to set up a holding company in Portugal, we invite you to solicit guidelines and complete information from our company formation specialists in Portugal.

Details about holding companies in Portugal

When registering a holding company in Portugal, one should know that the dividend income obtained by this type of entity from the subsidiary can be exempt from the corporate tax rate in the holding’s company authority. Besides that, the following aspects must be met when opening a holding company in Portugal:
•    the profits or the capital gains of a holding company in Portugal is subject to a low tax rate;
•   if the holding company pays incoming or outgoing dividends to the parent company from overseas, the withholding tax rate will be reduced or eliminated.
Our company formation agents in Portugal are here to offer comprehensive information about how to set up a holding company in the country and about the taxes imposed on such business. The company registration procedure in Portugal is an effortless process which can be entirely guided by our team of advisors.

Why should you open a holding company in Portugal?

If you want to manage the stocks in another enterprise as a secondary method of supporting the economic activities, you should register a holding company in Portugal.
Under a signed arrangement which runs the terms of compensation, a holding company in Portugal can offer methodological management services to all of its subsidiaries. One should know that a holding company in Portugal can be set up as a private limited company or as a public one, the registration process being 90% about the same with the one for a any type of company which is subject to a legal framework.
Our company formation agents in Portugal can offer complete support and guidance if you want to open a holding company in Portugal, so please do not hesitate to contact our team.


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