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Liaison Office in Portugal

Updated on Tuesday 09th January 2018

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Companies from overseas interested in establishing their presence on the market in business activities in Portugal without carrying out independent commercial activities have the possibility to register liaison offices or representative offices in the country. In other words, such office will represent the major communication channel between the parent enterprise and the clients in Portugal. If you want to open a liaison office in Portugal, we invite you to solicit complete information and guidelines in this matter from our company formation specialists in Portugal. They can also help you register a company in Portugal, where the needed documents must the provided in accordance with the local law.

What are the main responsibilities of a liaison office in Portugal?

A liaison office in Portugal strongly relates with the foreign company or business which wants to set up its presence in the Portuguese market. A representative office in Portugal will not make money transactions or activities in this matter, but the accent will be put on promoting the products or the services of the parent company. The marketing activities will also be part of the liaison offices in Portugal, with no restrictions in this matter. Moreover, a liaison office in Portugal will pretty much depend on a local representative, once the office has been registered.
If you want more details about how to set up a liaison office in Portugal, you may ask our company formation agents in Portugal. Our advisors can help you with the registration procedure in Portugal.

How to set up a liaison office in Portugal

The Portuguese Commercial Registry deals with registering the liaison or representative offices in the country, where the documents of the company from overseas are necessary besides the following:
•    Articles of Association;
•    details about the type of business;
•    the certificates which provide the foreign company is registered for tax purposes;
•    the name and the address of the liaison office in Portugal;
•    the name of the representative of the liaison office in Portugal.
Any information about how to register a liaison office in Portugal can be obtained from our company incorporation agents in Portugal, so please feel free to contact us.


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