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EU Appreciated Portugal's Recent Economic Growth

Fighting with deficit for the last few years made Portugal reorganize the strategic plans and to concentrate on strengthening the economy. The efforts made have been recently evaluated and applauded by the European Union which considers that Portugal will continue with the same positive trends for the years to come. Making investments as foreign entrepreneurs and opening companies in Portugal may represent the key to success in the Iberian Peninsula. In this sense, our company incorporation agents are at your disposal with assistance at the time of registration with the authorities in charge.

Almost Zero Deficit in Portugal in 2017. What is the Prognosis for 2018?


By the end of 2017, Portugal registered a new record, and that is an almost zero deficit. Even if it was not expected, such number represents the beginning of a new period for Portugal from an economic point of view which will set new visions and prediction for this year. Foreign entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the welcoming business regime in Portugal can set up companies in varied domains. In this sense, our company formation agents in Portugal are at your disposal with information and guidelines regarding the business registration

The Export Sector in Portugal to Achieve New Records in 2018

2017 was a good year for the trading sector in Portugal, especially for the export field which recorded incomes of about EUR 45 billion which represents a growth of approximately 12% compared to 2016. This is just a start of a fruitful period which aims the growth of the GDP (gross domestic product) only from exports in a percentage of 50 until 2025. The promising business climate in Portugal awaits foreign investors to place their companies in the country by providing numerous incentives and encouragements. If you want to open a company in Portugal, you can get in touch with one of our company formation agents in Portugal for help, information, and guidelines.

The Benefits of Relocating a Company in Portugal


In general, entrepreneurs who want to relocate with their businesses to other countries have particular reasons which determine such decision. In most cases, the taxation regime and the protection of assets stand at the base of company relocation. This also involves Portugal which is considered a suitable destination for business and for company relocation. In matters of company formation in Portugal, and the related conditions can be explained by our specialists in company incorporation in Portugal.

Property Sales Increased by 30% in 2017


The Portuguese Real Estate Professionals and Brokers Association, a reference point in the real estate market in Portugal revealed an encouraging and unexpected statistic related to the growth in this sector.

Taxation for Non-Habitual Residents in Portugal


The non-habitual residence (NHR) status in Portugal regards the foreign individuals who can qualify for income tax-free in both home country and Portugal. This preferential taxation system is meant to transform Portugal into a tax-free jurisdiction. Complete information about NHR in Portugal and the benefits related can be explained by our specialists in company formation in Portugal. Our team can also help investors from overseas to register a company in Portugal by giving full support in document matters.

Opportunities for Foreign Investors in Portugal


Discovering the strongest points of Portugal when deciding for investments in the country will lead to an overall successful business. An entrepreneur can explore Portugal’s main industries which contribute each year to the growth of the economy on a major plan. There are numerous investment opportunities in Portugal, and individuals can discover how the business environment suitable changed in the past few years and set up their companies. In documents matter, you can solicit complete help from our company formation in Portugal.

7 Reasons to Invest in Portugal

With a great geographic location in the western point of Europe, with large openings at the Atlantic Ocean, a great infrastructure, and beautiful landscapes, Portugal is a country that offers numerous investment opportunities for beginners or experienced businesspersons in search of profits. We have gathered seven reasons why you should invest in Portugal, and we remind that if you want to set up a company in Portugal you can receive details and information in this matter from our Portuguese company formation specialists.

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